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APAPACASE Endowment information

in honor of Professor Clarence B. Addison

PANAC has established a second Endowment Account with the Clemson University Alumni Association. The name of account is "ALPHA PHI ALPHA– PI ALPHA CHAPTER –ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT", "APAPACASE" or "Alpha Phi Alpha Endowment". More information is forth coming about our efforts. Currently, the Dues Endowment Account and Clemson Fund are separate accounts. We are encourage all alumni to contribute the Clemson fund as well paid your dues for PANAC.

We had a goal to raise $25,000 by 2008- the 25th year Reunion, which we accomplished on February 18, 2008. This endowment is dedicated in honor of our Charter Advisor, Bro. Clarence B. Addison. Recently, Clemson awarded our first Scholarship winner, click here for more information of that award.

PANAC has announced a new goal to raise $70,000 for 7 Jewels (founders of Alpha). Click here to see how you can help make this possible.

APAPACASE 2014-2015 Award winner

Gabrielle Hall

$1000 Scholarship Winner

Food Science Major from Silver Spring, MD

Past Recipients

Destiney Young

APAPACASE 2013-2014 Award winner

Chelsey Burkett

APAPACASE 2012-2013 Award winner

Current Status of APAPACASE Scholarship

Goal is $70,000

Update as of 11/12/18

Frequently Asked Questions:

Looks like we have raised more than $60,000, so are we are done fundraising?

No. We were able to guarantee our pledge of $25,000 with the funds raised in the days leading and during to the 25th Year reunion. (See presentation below). We increase our goal to 60,000 for the PANAC 30th Reunion. We now have a new goal to raise $70,000 for 7 Jewels.

Kenneth Robinson, Convener of PANAC, and members of Professor Clarence L.B. Addison's Family present the $25,000 check to Ms. Ann Smith, Director of Alumni Giving of the Clemson Fund at the PANAC Reunion Dinner on Saturday, February 16, 2008.However, we need to fulfill those pledges and continue to raise funds to increase the amount of the scholarship we can award. Please continue to give to toward this effort as we continue to honor Professor Clarence L.B. Addison and his legacy.

In 2012, Clemson awarded our first Scholarship winner, click here for more information of that award.

Can I give a donation directly to the endowment online?

Absolutely. You may give any amount to the Clemson Alumni Association. The Alumni Web site has several ways for you give a gift on-line.

Click here to donate ...

and to see the ways to you can make a contribution


Be sure to indicate the name of the endowment


with your contribution.

Can this second account receive matching funds?

Yes. You can see if your company offers matching accounts by viewing the following page http://www.clemson.edu/friends/honoroll/donors/corps/match.htm.

Can I do a Payroll Deduction to the account?

Yes. In fact, you can, in effect, pledge an amount to the endowment by doing this. Your pledge for the campaign should reflect what you would contribute a year period. As a reference, the following is a chart of the kind of donations you can pledge by just giving a small portion of your check for two years.

* 26 is the number of checks you receive in one year period if you are paid every two weeks.

You can either schedule a payment with your employer or you can setup a scheduled payment with the Alumni Association options located on http://www.clemson.edu/makegift/

Who has already given?

An explanation of PANAC's Gift Level's and a list of Donors is available by request from PANAC@clemson.edu.

How else are we planning to raise funds?

PANAC Leadership may consider future events maybe planned to support the endowment. The Midnite Cruise 06 raised funds for the Endowment and was held by DC Area Pi Alumni Brothers in Summer 2006. The event was an extremely successful effort. PANAC thanks all friends of Pi Alpha or Clemson who supported the event.

Please check this website for more information as it becomes available.

What about these questions?

  • What are PANAC dues and how and they used?

  • How do I pay?

  • Is a part of my dues Tax-except?

  • Can I pay back dues?

These questions are all addressed on the Dues web page viewable by clicking on this link.