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PANAC Engagement information 

PANAC has many ways to keep in touch with fellow Pi Alpha Alumni including Facebook pages, along with our Google group and email list, website, and Twitter account.

•   Our Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook account, then you can join our new Facebook page. Go to to request to join. 

Make sure you include your name, line name, and date of graduation in your request message. Only Pi Alpha Alumni are allowed on the Facebook group.

• Our website,

You can be subscribed to this website so any changes to the website that are made will be sent to your email. We have some archive pages with THe JEWEL, Endowment, and Historical Archives, as well as meeting, budget, and meeting information. Some elements may require access to view by request.

Our Twitter Account, CUAlphas

follow us on @panacAlpha

You can follow us on our Twitter account which has been active since 2016. We will post updates and announcements about our activities, especially as we led up to the 40th Year Reunion in February 2023. 

•  Our Google Group & Email list 

You can join our CUAlphas Google Group

Due to Yahoo's decision to shut down Yahoo Groups for good on December 15, 2020, we moved our PANAC Email Listings to Google Groups as soon as possible. We have created an email list on Google Groups called

If you are a former chapter alumnus wishing to reconnect with the coalition, free to drop us line or join our email listing where you send messages to other alumni and hear about our upcoming events.

You want to join our google group, send an email to 

How do I subscribe to the PANAC Email List?


Subscribe to
PANAC Google Group
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Send email to  (Please identify if you asked)

Make sure you include your name, line's name, and date of graduation in your email message.
Only Pi Alpha Alumni are allowed on the lists and google group.


or go to to view the Google Group Home for PANAC (CUALPHAS). This is the way to create Discussion Groups and act as an Admin for PANAC.

Clemson Email lists were discontinued, as of 12.31.2020

We have discontinued our two old email listings

We have remove these lists on December 31, 2020. 

 Do you still need help?

Contact Bobby Clark ( for any help or assistance.

Updated July 19, 2023