Pi Alpha's 51st Line was initiated with MUC on March 13th

Columbia, South Carolina - On March 13, 2021, Pi Alpha's newest members were initiated in the fraternity as a part of the SCAlpha's Midlands Upstate Cluster. S.E.A.L. T.E.A.M. 6 consists of six members bringing Pi Alpha a total initiated 233 initiated and 253 membership total.

S.E.A.L. T.E.A.M. 6 initiated De'Shon Daniels (D1shonorable Discharge), Reshawn Brown (PetriΦed), Je'Torian Williams (Jad3d), Melody Moorehead, IV (4K), Aaron Williams (5hiesty), Tyler Piel (Zeus).

Congratulations to our newest brothers and welcome to the PANAC Family.