Pi Alpha Alum urged to switch to new Email Listing by Dec. 15th

Post date: Dec 05, 2020 12:2:8 PM

Due to Yahoo's decision to shut down Yahoo Groups for good on December 15, 2020, we hope to move our PANAC Email Listings to Google Groups as soon as possible. We have created an email list on Google Groups called CUAlphas@googlegroups.com.

We are sending this message to alert you about the change and request access as soon as possible.

Here are the two steps to take to do this:

  1. You can join the list by sending an email to the address CUAlphas+subscribe@googlegroups.com. The message doesn't need to have a subject or body.

  2. Once received, our new list will reply to you with a message to confirm your intention to join. You should respond to that message (don't click the blue button, it doesn't work correctly). Replying to that message confirms you want to join the CUAlpha list.

You may receive an email reply from us to confirm your identity before adding you to the list. Thanks for your help, and we hope you had a Happy Holiday Season with your family.

Bobby Clark (Spring 1985)

Marque Macon (Fall 2007)