Pi Alpha participates in Clemson's 5th Men of Color

Brother Marc Morial, President of the Urban League was a featured speaker at 2022 MOC

Greenville, South Carolina -  Pi Alpha Chapter had several brothers participate in Clemson University's annual Men of Color (MOC) Summit in the Greenville Convention center on April 21-22, 2022. More than 2300 attendees were registered at the fifth annual event, which featured speakers such as Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Morial, and Roland Martin.  

Pi Alpha Chapter Brothers volunteered with the Tiger Alliance group and Malik Balogun was one of the featured speakers as Clemson's newest Student Body President.  

Several PANAC Alumni also attended the event including Carlos Hill, Rodney Sartor, Bobby Clark, and Dr. Jerome McClendon. 

The event also featured a Women's roundtable on Wednesday, April 19 with a social event on Thursday, April 20 in downtown Greenville. This marks the first time the Men of Color was held since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. 

PANAC Alumni Carlos Hill speaker to CU MOC Attendee

Malik Balogun speaker as Clemson's newest Student Body President at Men of Color Summit

Brothers Rodney Sartor and Bobby Clark attended the event on April 20th.