Transfers (1982-2019)

Pi Alpha has had more than 28 Brothers transfer in the chapter in our History. 18 of those transfers become active members of Pi Alpha. Following is a listing of those transfer brothers from 1982 until Spring 2019.

1982 Spring Bro. Neil Phillips (Graduate) (Delta Beta, 10/24/1980) enrolls as a graduate student

and becomes Dean of Pledges.

1983 Fall Bro. Jerome Hudson (Benedict College, Graduate) (GG) transfers to Clemson

1988 Fall Bro. Darryl Byrd transfers to Clemson from Hampton University

1998 Fall Bro. Jimmy Fowler (Voorhees College) transfers to Clemson

1989 Fall Bro. Rodney Reid transferred from SCSU.

1990 Spring Bro. Whitney Cain transferred from Morehouse.

1991 Fall Bro. Jemmott Duncan transferred from J.C. Smith Univ.

1992 Spring Bros. Lasalle Ravenal (Graduate) & Joseph Bethea (Graduate) transferred from SCSU.

Bro. Timothy Palmer transfers to Clemson

1998 Fall Bro. Erik Nelson (Iota Xi chapter, Truman State) transferred Graduate student.

Bro. Ken Wilson transfer to Clemson

Bro. Doug Hemphill transfers to Clemson

Bro. Eric Woods (initiated in GGL) worked at Clemson

2004 Fall Bro. Laron Stewart (initiated GG -2001) transfers to Clemson, served as Chapter President

Bro. Curtis J. Hart transfers to Clemson

Bro. Kelly Spann III transfers to Clemson

Bro. Everton Archer transfers to Clemson

Bro. Azikiwe Hooker (DA) transfers to Clemson

2010 Fall Marcus Herbon (2009’ KX) transfers to Clemson

2011 Fall Bros. Jerome McClendon (Auburn ), Paris Hamilton (Graduate) and Jordon Gilmore

(The Citadel) transfer to Clemson.

McClendon & Gilmore serve as Graduate Advisors (2011-2015)

2011 Fall Bobby Haney (2010 DA) transfers to Clemson

2012 Fall William Broughton (2011 DA) transfers to Clemson

2017 Spring Tristen Johnson (Fall 2016, BI) transfer to Clemson

2018 Fall Daniel Montgomery (Spr. 2018 DA) transfers to Clemson

Names in bold were active members of Pi Alpha Chapter.