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Annual Homecoming Drop-In

We will be celebrating with our PANAC Drop-In stop at the Alumni Center with CBAC. CBAC is sponsoring several events on Saturday at 4:30 PM: including Forums, Networking; a sponsored tailgate for $25, and Mixers on Tuesday through Sunday.

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Here is a scene from the 2010 Homecoming Tailgate (left). Last year, more than 600 alumni attended in 2018). Here is a link (CBAC enjoy Homecoming 2011) to the Anderson Independent Story about the CBAC Tailgate in 2010.

Latest Information about Clemson & CBAC Homecoming and PANAC Drop-in:

(Updated 10/16/2019)

Come and Join at this year's PANAC Drop-In; We would love to see you there. It's that time of the year again! Homecoming 2019 will be here on October 26th against Boston College at 7:30 PM.

Here is the latest information about those events:

The Clemson Black Alumni Council invites you to the Clemson Black Alumni Reunion Tailgate. Come out and enjoy fine food, good music, and great company as we celebrate Clemson’s Homecoming 2019.

The CBAC Tailgate will start at 4:30 PM with the game kicking off at 7:30 pm. We will have reserved a space for the brothers to fellowship. We are asking for brothers to be in the area at 6 PM for our Annual Homecoming Photo for our Archives. The event is held at the North Greens and Carillon Gardens.

Additionally, please find the CBAC Tailgate Registration Information (you can register at https://thecbacclub.eventbrite.com/ )

Monday, October 21st

"The Comp Up"

Business Etiquette and Leadership Workshop

Co-Sponsored by MBSA of Clemson University

(only for Clemson Students)

Wednesday, October 23rd

"Network & Net Worth"

Student-Alumni Networking

Co-Sponsored by The Harvey and Licunda Gannt Multicultural Center of Clemson University

Thursday, October 24th

"Shoot Your Shot"

Personal Branding Workshop

Presented by Microsoft, Corp.

Friday, October 25th

Goon Toons

Trap & Paint Happy Hour

Snelsire, Sawyer & Clemson Career Workshop Endowment Gala

There will be a Gala at Clemson University to kickoff an endowment for the Clemson Career Workshop.


Tickets are available for $100.00.

CCW Endowment GALA Ticket Link

The CBAC Club: Lights Out

All Black Party

Saturday, October 25th

The CBAC Club: Live Broadcast & Tailgate

Location: North Green and Carillion Gardens (between Sikes and Brackett Hall)

Time: 4:30 p.m. – Until

*If you have purchased tailgating space and need help unloading, please email cbacboard@gmail.com to arrange an unloading time*

To purchase meal ticket and/or tailgate space on grass click here

Pi Alpha Tailgate Picture will take place at 6 PM EST!

Football Game:

Kickoff: 7:30 PM ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

Clemson vs. Boston College (Death Valley Stadium)


Sunday, October 26th

Praise Break

Workshop Service

After the Club

Farewell Brunch




Updated October 16, 2019