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Dues Information

How much are PANAC dues?

The first year of your membership is free, as we know how financially constrained life as a recent graduate can be. After that, the dues are $50.00 per year.

• How are they used?

The dues are distributed among the following items:

  • The Clarence Addison (APAPACE) Endowment Fund (50%),

  • PANAC operating expenses (40%) and

  • Pi Alpha contribution (10%).

• How do I pay?

The option to pay PANAC dues online has been available on our website as of November 2012. Here is the information page to use the option.

A complete financial record of the PANAC Accounts is still listed on the Coalition's Dues Ledger. Dues Paid Ledger has been moved to this site using Google Sheets.

Dues payment (by Check) can also be sent to the following address:

Lawton Brown

107 Cala Way

Anderson SC 29625

He can be contacted at or

• Is part of your dues Tax-except?

Depends. Half of PANAC dues may be considered a charitable contribution for tax deduction purposes. Check with your tax advisor for more details. PANAC is not a 501(c)3, but our APAPACASE Scholarship (in memory of Clarence Addison) is one through the Clemson University Fund.

• What is PANAC's APAPACASE Endowment?

PANAC established a second Endowment Account with the Clemson University Alumni Association. The name of the account is "ALPHA PHI ALPHA– PI ALPHA CHAPTER –ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT", "APAPACASE" or "Alpha Phi Alpha Endowment". More information is forthcoming about our efforts. Currently, the Dues Endowment Account and Clemson Fund are separate accounts. We encourage all alumni to contribute to the Clemson fund as well paid your dues for PANAC.

For more information about the Endowment, you can view the Endowment Information page.

• How do I pay Back Dues?

We ask all Alumni to pay back dues if possible to allow us to fund our Endowment Fund and support Pi Alpha Chapter as much as possible. You can back dues by making additional payments either by check or online with the PayPal option

Updated May 3, 2022