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PANAC Due Ledger

Here is a listing of all the PANAC members (from 1981 to the present) and their PANAC financial status as of November 2020. This document is maintained by PANAC Treasurer (Lawton Brown) and Webmaster (Bobby Clark), and it is only viewable by current PANAC officers or by request *. Please note that current Pi Alpha Members are exempt from PANAC dues obligation. First-year graduates are exempted from PANAC dues.

To request access to this page, send an email address to Please note, you must identify yourself to gain access. Currently, there are 247 members of Pi Alpha (Current and Alumni members **) - as of March 2021.

* - You must have a Google site account to have access to the ledger.

** This excludes PANAC members in the Omega Chapter.

The current year is 2020 (in Yellow), Membership can pay ahead for 2021. Reunion year dues are included in Registration fees (in Orange)

Dues Paid-Web

Only viewable by request (contact .