PA's Leadership launches a Membership Drive

Clemson, South Carolina - PANAC Leadership has tasked PANAC Alumni Engagement Sub-committee to expand our engagement options (Email Listing, Facegroup, Twitter accounts) to reach more of our membership as we begin our efforts for our 40-year celebration.

The first part of the committee's promotion is to launch a membership survey to engage brothers to provide information about their time at Clemson as a member of Pi Alpha. The PANAC Membership Survey will focus on filling out gaps with the historical record at Clemson and making sure the option like our PANAC email list is as updated as possible.

"We want to be sure we can reach the more than 250 brothers part of Pi Alpha historical record," says Bobby Clark, chair of the subcommittee. "We have always provided a record of the chapter, and we want it to be as accurate as possible. We need Brothers' help to do that". The survey will be available until June 1st. We ask all Pi Alpha Brothers to participate and encourage their line brother to complete the survey.

We will have follow-up efforts to connect with those who might miss the survey, and we plan to use the information to publish at the 40 Year Reunion in February 2023.

Below is Survey request for all Pi Alpha Brothers.

2022 PANAC Membership Survey

Thank you for being willing to give us your contact information about when you joined Pi Alpha. We are planning to use this information to strengthen our knowledge about Pi Alpha's History and keep you better informed about upcoming events for our 40-year reunion to be held in February 2023. There will be a publication with much of the information at the reunion.

Please share this with your line brother(s) to be sure they will be included any further messages about the 40 Year reunion and PANAC Initiatives.

You can learn more about how you can engage with PANAC by going to the PANAC Website and viewing our engagement options at

PANAC Alumni Engagement sub-committee

Please fill out the survey by June 1st