Our beginnings & our purpose 

Pi Alpha National Alumni Coalition (PANAC) | PANAC's website is www.cualphas.org

Founded in 2000.

Pi Alpha National Alumni Coalition is an Alumni Group for the Pi Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and is composed of the past and current members of Pi Alpha Chapter. 

Our objectives are to foster cohesiveness among Pi Alpha alumni members, serve as financial and advisory support for the current chapter, maintain and increase the presence of Alpha Phi Alpha at Clemson, and maintain accurate records and accounting of Pi Alpha Chapter Alumni. 

PANAC has assumed the role of sponsoring the PANAC Reunion, which has been held every five years since 1993 at Clemson University. In recent years, PANAC has taken on the challenge to provide scholarships to worthy Clemson students, especially those of African-American descent. In 2003, the effect was started to endow a scholarship in honor of Professor Clarence Addison, Charter Advisor of Pi Alpha Chapter. That effort, known as APAPACASE, has raised more than $60,000 and began giving out scholarships in 2012.



The idea of starting an alumni council was first formally discussed at Pi Alpha's 15th-year reunion in 1998. A committee was appointed to research the idea of becoming a recognized alumni organization and the needs of the chapter. You can view more  about Pi Alpha on our history page and historical logs (PANAC members only)

Our charter is to support and assist the undergraduate chapter at Clemson, as well as maintain and build relationships among our chapter alumni to our mutual benefit. 

The coalition sprung out of the intense interest of several brothers who want to formalize the alumni efforts to assist the undergraduate chapter and grow the relationship with the chapter alumni. The hard work of the committees culminated in the PANAC's first meeting in the fall of 2000 at Clemson University. We have been officially affiliated with the Clemson University Alumni Association since 2004.

More than 250* brothers have passed through the chapter since 1983, PANAC seeks to be the conduit between undergraduate and alumni, both past and present. The Pi Alpha Chapter has won more than (30) thirty state, regional, and national awards. 

*243 brothers (on 52 lines) have been initiated into Pi Alpha Chapter with 25 transfers (19 active members of Pi Alpha) from other chapters for a total of 268 brothers. Five brothers are currently in the Omega chapter (deceased).