Harold Hughes
(Fall 2006, #2 Cold Sweat )

From the PANAC Convener    

Bro. Harold Hughes with his family

June 2023

Greetings Pi Alpha Alumni and Friends:

As we look back on all that the Prestigious Pi Alpha chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has accomplished since February 23, 1983, I can't help but swell up with pride, enthusiasm, and optimism. As I write this, the current Student Body President of Clemson University (Bro. Malik Balogun) is a brother of Pi Alpha, and the chapter's trophy case is overflowing, including new honors like Pillars of the Community (Bro. Bobby Clark), and Distinguished Service Award (Bro. Carlos Hill). Along with those incredible accolades, we are seeing brothers rejoin the fold, becoming active at both the PANAC and National levels. 

It is my honor to serve you all as the Convenor as we march forward into a new chapter for our cherished organization. As I sit in this role, it is not lost on me that I have this opportunity because of the many men that have served before me. For that opportunity, I am thankful, and I intend to lend my time, energy, and talents to help usher PANAC into an era where we thrive, and our success is measured on the strength of the bonds made amongst us. 



Harold Hughes

Brother Harold Hughes
(Fall 2006, Cold Sweat #2)



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