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Update Your Address and Contact Info.

There are several ways you can keep your PANAC records up to date.

Updating your Contact Information

PANAC doesn't have a web-based system to keep addresses (We are considering one). But you can update your contact information in one of four ways.

  1. Update your information on the Clemson Alumni Directory. (Preferred) You can go to CU Alumni Online Directory and update your information in their system. PANAC has access to their addresses, and using them to send out periodic mailing to PANAC members. The CU Alumni system gives you access to Job listings and personal searches to find other Clemson Alumni.

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  3. Choose a Lifetime Email Forwarding Address. You can also use the Life Email Forwarding offer from the Alumni Center to create a permanent "" email address for yourself. If you do let us know that and we add your address to our email listing.

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  5. Update and view our Yahoo Group Databases. (Better) If you have a Yahoo ID and have joined the PANAC Yahoo Group, you can update On-line databases such as Brother Listing and Pi Alpha Alumni Addresses, with all the Pi Alpha Alumni information. You can click here to learn more about joining that group. There are also lists for other interesting items such as All Pi Alpha Presidents and Vice Presidents, or the Listing of Miss Black & Gold Winners. You can also see PANAC Reports like Due Paid and the Endowment Account.

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  7. Send us an email with your updates. You can send your information to one of the three PANAC Listing with you current information. See the PANAC Connect with Alumni Page for more information about joining a list. Of course, you can send your address and information to the email

Updated December 21, 2005